Business profile

We Find Real Estate was established to assist property investors purchase residential property in different markets across Australia.  What sets us apart is that we specialise in finding incredible investment opportunities which clients can add value and create equity within 36 months to keep their investment portfolio growing.

Have you ever said to yourself ‘I should have bought that property’, ‘If only I had bought back then’ or ‘I wish we had made another $30,000 this year’.   What if an experienced team, who wanted you to succeed, was there to go through hundreds of properties to find that one diamond?  Did all the due diligence and negotiated a discount with terms that suited your strategy.  Well that’s exactly what we do!

We work exclusively for you, the purchaser, to locate, evaluate and negotiate these properties according to your individual goals and strategy looking for that opportunity to create equity. Through our industry contacts and long hours researching, our goal is to bring you profitable investment properties and give you the courage and inspiration to grow a property portfolio.

If you like the idea of creating a portfolio that keeps growing or creating a bit of extra cash, I then urge you to act now.  By employing We Find Real Estate, we will save you time, money and help you minimise the risks inherent in the purchase of residential investment properties.  You will find We Find Real Estate relies on repeat and referral business – our service will not disappoint.