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Sam Jolley


Sam Jolley

Sam has always had an interest in property but it wasn’t until 2000, when he started as a mortgage broker that the flame was truly lit. It was during this time that his passion for property drove him to buy his first property in 2002 at the age of 25.

From this first property, his second soon followed as he caught the property bug and rushed out to buy more. It was these early years of investing that some of his biggest mistakes were made and he witnessed the consequence from lack of knowledge and over paid for property in the wrong area.

Sam’s early experiences did not dampen his passion for investing, rather it inspired him to learn more and invest smarter. He saw the need for a strategic approach to the property market and a necessity for a buyer’s agent that focuses on specifically finding investment deals. From this, We Find Real Estate was born.

Sam continued to build his own property portfolio and over the last decade has accumulated a personal portfolio of over 20 properties. He believes when investing in property, a plan needs to be created with a definite exit strategy in mind. He understands many of the challenges that investors face and now over sees all property deals for We Find Real Estate clients.

Sam’s experience extends across many property acquisitions, from renovations, subdivisions, strata titling, building and construction. He is a successful negotiator, a licensed Real Estate Agent and holds a Diploma in Agency Management (REISA).

With an attention to detail and a passion for success, Sam is committed to ensuring the best possible results are achieved for all We Find Real Estate clients both now and long term.

Favourite property quote – “You don’t know what you know till you know” – Richard Pratt

Favourite property book – From 0 To 130 Properties in 3.5 Years – Steve McKnight

Gabrielle Gesti

With over 8 years’ experience in investing, Gabrielle has used that time to build her own property portfolio. Previously working as a successful business and finance manager for 3 years, Gabrielle now works on treating property investments like a business. “I will always try to buy property below value in an area with a long history of capital growth where I can manufacture equity. The goal is to work on building your wealth, start off with one property, then leverage off the capital growth to invest in another by understanding the process”.

Gabrielle is now responsible for leading We Find Real Estate clients to profitable deals as well as putting the research and due diligence into every deal.

Along with property, Gabrielle has a passion for working with people and particularly helping others take their financial lives to the next level. She is pleased that she can combine her passion for property investing with building relationships, and guiding We Find Real Estate clients towards success.

“You have the ability to become financially free by becoming property investors if you treat your investments like a business”.

Favourite property quote – “Don’t wait to buy land, buy land and wait” – Will Rogers

Favourite property book – Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki

Best piece of property advice – “Invest in yourself”

Worst piece of property advice – “Property investing is easy”