What is a Buyer’s Agent/ Buyers Advocate?

Buyer’s agents are licenced professionals that specialise in searching, evaluating and negotiating the purchase of property on behalf of the buyer.  They do not sell real estate. The key difference between a buyer’s agent and a traditional selling agent is who they represent.   A buyer’s agent works exclusively for the buyer, whereas the selling agent works for the vendor (seller).

How are you different from Real Estate Agents?

We differ from Real Estate Agents by the fact that as a buyer’s agent we do not sell any property or act in the vendor’s interest but we search, act and help secure property on behalf of the purchaser.

How are you independent?

We act for the purchaser only; we do not sell property or take any commissions on behalf of vendors, property developers, real estate agents or third parties.

Are you licenced?

Yes we are qualified, licenced Real Estate Agents.

What areas do you purchase in?

We search and acquire property in SA, VIC, QLD and NSW.

Do you assist up to settlement?

Yes we assist you up to settlement for the acquisition service.

Are your fees negotiable?

We do not discount our service and therefore we do not discount our fees.

How do you get paid?

Our fee is paid by our client.  We do not get paid by any developers, real estate agents or third parties.

Do you also sell property?

No we do not.

What is the maximum cost if you don’t find a property?

If we are unsuccessful in finding a property deal, all you will be up for is the engagement fee of $850.

Why should we pay you, when we can find a property ourselves?

You can certainly find a property on your own, that’s easy but do you have the time to research real estate?  How much time do you have to put in 50 offers?  How about 100? If you spend all day every day in the market researching and negotiating like us, do you think you are going to find a better deal?  Of course you are!

By engaging our team, we do this for you and become part of your success, giving you access to Australia’s best deals to make huge profits.

Can you guarantee to find me a property?

Yes we can! If we think your search brief is unachievable, we will tell you before you engage us.

What is the average time to find a property?

The average time to find a property varies, depending on the specific nature of the strategy and the market place. Within 60 days we can normally put together and negotiate an incredible deal.

What information do you provide me with about the properties?

For every property we source, we compile a detailed 42+ page Property Investment Evaluation regarding the specific deal.  We also provide you with general advice on the right strategy.

Is it really possible to buy Off the Market Property?

Yes.  Often we are approached by private vendors and real estate agents who have clients that are looking to sell quickly but have reasons for not putting their property on the market place.  Some of these reasons include the timeframe, costs of marketing the property or other inconveniences.  We find this is an effective strategy to secure great discounts and create a win for the seller and a big win for our clients.

Does a Buyer’s Agent need to have a real estate sales background?

Absolutely not.  At We Find Real Estate we see our personal experience of building our own portfolio as one of our biggest achievements.  We believe the experience of getting out there and being ‘active’ in the market teaches you more than anything else.

On average, how much do you save your clients?

Most people spend too much money on real estate and realistically they should have bought for much less.  Selecting the wrong property could potentially cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Two of our key objectives are to ensure our clients do not pay a dollar more than they should and to select the right locations to invest in.

How do I know you will keep my information private?

All clients’ information is kept private and confidential at all times and we do not pass on or distribute information to outside companies without your consent.

What do I need to begin?

A) Please spend 15 minutes filling out our GET STARTED NOW form and send back to us.
B) Alternatively, please call us now on 1300 765 529 to talk directly with our friendly team.

We look forward to helping you achieve your goals and assisting you on your property journey.