Housing affordability – issues behind it.

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post date:  May 12, 2016

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Housing Affordability
Supply, Planning issues behind housing affordability issues

By Phil McCarroll | 12 May 2016 – Your Investment Property.

This article brings into perspective that the housing affordability issue is not as simple as it seems. 

Negative gearing is receiving a lot of air time yet it isn’t the only factor to consider. Housing affordability has also been a great seller for the media, which has created unnecessary panic through the Australian community without any solid clarification of the facts.

“The problem has more to do with our continued strong population growth, a chronic shortage of appropriate housing, all time low interest rates and an undue focus on developing our capital cities,” said Heath Bedford associate director at Performance Property Advisory.

“Restrictive planning policies have locked up a lot of our inner to middle ring suburbs from appropriate medium density development, skewing our construction pipeline to high-rise development in our CBDs, inner city fringe and house and land packages on the urban fringe,” he said.

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Supply planning issues behind housing affordability issues – Your Investment Property