Land tax stamp duty switch.

posted by:  Gabrielle Gesti

post date:  May 18, 2016

category:  Investing

land tax
Stamp duty land tax switch.

Removing stamp duty and replacing it with a broad based land tax across all states,  is a discussion presented by Rachel Ong, Curtin University and Gavin Wood, RMIT University .     It is important to consider this discussion with the 2016 election upon us and the heavy talk on negative gearing changes, and the consideration of company and personal income tax cuts. 

Interestingly, with all the election promises and radical changes to taxes, federal and state politicians have been avoiding this ‘Stamp Duty’ discussion.  

The additional revenue generated by a uniform land tax could be used to replace that lost on removing stamp duties.

To read the entire article posted by API Magazine, click on the link below.

Turnbull should help the states switch stamp duty for land tax