Fee structure

Our fees are extremely competitive as a buyer’s agent, and consistently save and make our clients far more than the cost of the service.

Our fees are fixed upfront, based on the estimated property find as opposed to the actual sale price.  This gives you peace of mind that we are always working to secure you the biggest discount. In doing so, we do not reduce our service fees as we believe it is inexpensive compared to the money, time and stress that we save you and the money we can make you.

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Repeat & Referral

Clients who continue their investment journey with us and use our service for a second time, our engagement fee is reduced to $450. We thank you and value the relationship.

 If you know someone that may benefit from our service and refer them onto We Find Real Estate, we are happy to reward you with $500. Provided the referral becomes a client and paid once the client’s success fee has settled.

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