Fee structure

Our fees are extremely competitive as a buyer’s agent, and consistently save and make our clients far more than the cost of the service.
Our fees are fixed upfront, based on the estimated property find as opposed to the actual sale price.  This gives you peace of mind that we are always working to secure you the biggest discount. In doing so, we do not reduce our service fees as we believe it is inexpensive compared to the money, time and stress that we save you and the money we can make you.

Our Fees are payable in two instalments:

  • 1) Engagement Fee $850.00 (non-refundable).

    Payable upon signing the standard buyer agent agreement with We Find Real Estate. This enables the process to begin.

    ∟ $250 from all engagement fees go towards supported charities.

  • 2) Success Fee $8,995.00 to $19,995 (depending on the property find).

    Fixed and agreed upfront and paid at settlement as part of the settlement process.

There is no charge for the initial meeting and it’s completely obligation free. We use this meeting to fully assess your specific requirements and answer any questions you may have about our service.

Please contact us using the GET STARTED NOW form or by calling 1300 765 529 to book an appointment.