Our Focus

To find incredible property deals for investors – Simple!
Imagine investing in locations at the cheapest price possible and strategies that will help you create equity to fast track your wealth.
Well that’s exactly what we do!

Our team are actively purchasing property right now in different markets across Australia, analysing hundreds of properties every week, looking for that incredible opportunity.  Through our due diligence we identify and negotiate only the best possible property deals so that you have a better chance of increasing in value and growing your wealth.  We have a proven track record of identifying markets that are emerging as the next hot spot and helping our clients get in before it takes off.

Our focus is to purchase properties in locations with key attributes such as high population growth where supply meets demand, undervalued areas, established areas and areas with high rental returns.

We follow the markets that offer all of the above, PLUS have substantial decreases in value since the previous peaks to minimise your risks as a property investor.

We aim to accelerate the growth of the property in 1-3 years by understanding property cycles and using add value strategies. We always invest in property with a long term view and promote buy and hold.

We Find Real Estate focuses on six main strategies:

  • Discount Property

    This is where you purchase below bank valuation. It means you can create instant equity to grow your portfolio fast and continue to invest in property.

  • Renovating and Adding Value

    Renovating is a good way to improve the value of the property by spending less to get a maximum return.  By investing a little money into the property, you can increase the resale value and rental return. This is a great way to force value when done correctly.

  • Strata Titling

    Strata titling works on the principle that two pieces of property are worth more than one.  By splitting the property you are creating separate titles to increase their value. Once separate, you can then refinance on the higher value to pull out equity or sell individually.

  • Subdivision

    Subdividing works on the same principle as strata.  Once a piece of land is divided into two (or more) you now have individual titles to refinance, on sell or develop. This process is normally a lot more involved and can be a complex option.

  • Off-the-Plan

    With off-the-plan, investors can purchase a property before it is built with a small deposit and settle on completion.  The advantage to this is you can try to get some growth in the market over this time (usually 12-24 months), with only a small deposit down.

  • Positive Cash Flow

    Positive cash flow property is a great way to give you extra income to continue your investing. Positive cash flow property puts money into your pocket before tax, and increases your income giving you the ability to borrow more, which is a great way to start to replace your income or acquire extra cash flow in your life.

Through all of our strategies we always keep a long term view to investing.